Development of Technology, Information and Communication

When it comes to technology, it is inseparable from human life. Forever, as long as human civilization still exists, technology will continue to be the most important thing in life. What is currently trending and being discussed is information and communication technology (ICT), which is one of the most important things in this century. It […]

Awareness of Information Technology Security Threats

Information security is the protection of information from various threats in order to ensure the continuity of business processes, reduce business risk, and increase return of investment (ROI) and business opportunities. In designing an information system security system, there are aspects of information security that need to be considered. These aspects include: Confidentiality Aspects that […]

Information and Communication Technology Needs in Human Life

Technology is a scientific method for achieving practical goals, applied science, or all means for providing the goods necessary for the continuity and comfort of human life. The history of technology begins with the emergence of the human species on earth, traces of equipment and technology possessed by humans since the beginning of civilization were […]